Papier Mache

Well I really didn't expect this to happen... During the lockdown we experienced during the pandemic.  I experimented and became impassioned with the art of papier mache.  Simply because I had paper, card and boxes at my fingertips from making wedding stationery.  What started out as a sticky mess surprisingly evolved into one of a kind unique pieces. I hope you love my clocks, mirrors, pictures and boxes as much as I do creating them!

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PM1           £50.00

H: 19cm W: 12cm  D: 7cm

PM2            £50.00       Sold

H: 15cm  W: 10cm D: 6.5cm

PM3            £50.00

15H: 00cm W: 12cm D: 6.5cm

PM8            £15.00

H: 10cm W: 3.5cm D: 3cm

PM9            £65.00

H:19cm W: 12cm D: 6cm

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